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Paul Allen Wants to Teach Machines Common Sense AI algorithms are only as good as their human creators, and early examples of missteps have already raised concerns over cultural and racial bias and discrimination. This New York Times piece on Paul Allen and his initiative to teach “common sense” to machines illustrates a related concern […]

DWT’s Download LA Explores Legal Issues Arising from the Use of AI and Machine Learning in Business and the Workplace

DWT’s Lawton Penn moderated a panel earlier this week on Artificial Intelligence (AI) – A Mind of Its Own: Business, Legal, and Ethical Issues with Artificial Intelligence – at DWT’s Download LA event. Panelists, including DWT’s Amy Mushahwar, Nydia Galarza Rosario (Microsoft Corporation) and Damon Goduto (NexLP Inc), explored the various issued presented by the […]

Privacy Please: HIPAA and Artificial Intelligence – Part I

What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) is deployed within a health system to apply machine learning to patient information, in part, to allow patients to download information and wellness numbers (such as steps, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels) and to check on their own well-being without coming in for a professional visit? These activities could […]

Bots and Bureaucracy: Risks to Government Use of AI?

New technology has made it far easier for the public to participate in the regulatory proceedings of administrative agencies. For example, the advent of electronic filing of comments on proposed rules has opened the administrative process to a much broader range of stakeholders than in the past. But these innovations have also raised questions that […]

DWT Partner Amy Mushahwar Discusses Impact of AI and Ethical Issues Arising in the Practice of Law at Legaltech | Feb 1, 2018

Legaltech is considered the largest and most important legal technology event of the year. On Thursday, February 1, 2018 Amy Mushahwar will provide legal commentary on a panel moderated by Arthur R. Miller, NYU Professor and renowned Legal Scholar, titled: “From Courtroom to Conference Room: Legal Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” As Artificial Intelligence […]

Autonomous Vehicles: The Road Ahead in 2018

Want a glimpse of the future?  We may have seen it in January at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A showcase for innovative and transformative new technology, participants often have the opportunity to see technology that will shape our lives. This year the future of autonomous vehicles and connected cars was […]