Machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and other forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are no longer simply subjects of science fiction; they are already an integral part of our everyday lives. DWT’s AI practice is dedicated to helping clients navigate the myriad legal issues presented by this new and evolving technology – from negotiating data licensing for training of virtual personal assistants, to counseling manufacturers of autonomous systems, robots and self-driving cars, to determining how AI can help predict disease and answer medical questions, prevent fraud or theft, direct investment decisions, or form “smart” contracts, to providing litigation advice and representation relating to AI.

DWT’s AI practice includes technology lawyers with backgrounds in computer science, former senior government officials, regulatory and intellectual property lawyers, media and advertising lawyers, health care professionals, and nationally recognized litigators. Our clients run the gamut from global market-leaders such as Microsoft to start-ups like DataRobot and PolySync.

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